Uncover the buried mysteries of Nihmory and save – or destroy – the world as we know it.

Nihmory is a single player, action-adventure game that follows Eiya as she uncovers the mysteries of the world of Nihmory. Taking place in an era hundreds of years after the fall of technology, Eiya must regain their lost history in order to help – or destroy – all of Nihmory as they know it. 

With a spiritual connection to the elements of Nihmory, Eiya can communicate with the spirits of the slumbering titans from an age past. One by one, she awakens their spirits and uncovers the truth of a buried past. 

Discover Nihmory

In an age where most of the natural resources had been depleted after centuries of abuse and planetary neglect, a struggling world is visited by an errant visitor from another plane, only to be locked up and experimented on by the residents of the world. Over the years, a new energy was discovered and harvested from the visitor, bringing forth a dawn of new technology, allowing the residents of the world to build floating, domed cities to protect from the polluted environment around them. 

But after years of abuse and turmoil, through rage and sorrow, the visitor’s energy grew, until one fateful night, it broke free from it’s prison and tore open portals to the plane it had come from. Under the direction of the visitor, five elemental titans stepped through into the world, tearing into the floating cities and the land around them. In an effort to end the planet, the five titans came together with the visitor, forming a source of great form of energy to crash through the remaining cities. With the last of their energy, they let loose an explosion that rocked the world, flinging elements of the titans all over the world where they became embedded into the ground. The visitor fell to the ground, falling into a long slumber and vanishing down into the core of the planet.

However, the destruction brought forth from the visitor exposed a raw, untainted energy that created new flora and fauna, ushering in a second resurgence for the land. New societies emerged, some casting away the old tech. But tensions grow between the civilizations, and another war darkens their world once more. 

Meet Eiya

Eiya is a seventeen year old farm girl from the Reenu Outpost on the eastern edge of Nihmory.

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