Venture through the world, explore ancient ruins, and decide the fate of Nihmory in this explorative hack-and-slash RPG.

The fate of the world is in your hands!

Taking place in an era hundreds of years after the fall of technology, our protagonist, Eiya, finds herself in the midst of an age long unrest between the racial societies of Nihmory.  Caught between the ideals of technological advances and the nomadic ways of Reenu life, Eiya must regain their lost history in order to help – or destroy – all of Nihmory as they know it.

  • Explore the world on your loyal, Ibexi mount!
  • Take on your fiercest foes with a variety of combat styles
    • Use Eiya’s axe, infused with the energy from the elements of Nihmory
    • Rely on the magic imbued on her by the titans to conduct special attacks
    • Or fight your way out of a tight spot using melee combos!
  • Customize Eiya’s look with special costumes and weapon skins
  • Pick up side quests from NPCs to gain knowledge about the world of Nihmory and its long forgotten past!
  • Utilize unique dialogue choices to persuade – or intimidate – NPCs to help or hinder your quests.
  • And more!